Commit be025080 authored by medlem's avatar medlem

Added notes on what has been done lately, before I go doing the exchange

parent 1d8b8c25
......@@ -7,3 +7,10 @@ Branches:
-Attiny: SPI pins on Attiny817 QFN(24pin). Has output pins for 2 servos, 1 UART and 6 GPIO pins. Possibly not complete.
-Attiny_dobbel: Same as Attiny, but with both QFN(20pin) and SOIC(20pin). Complete version.
-One of the CAN PCBs was confirmed working and communicate at Byggern presentation autumn 2018.
-Early spring 2019 I could not make two CAN PCBs communicate.
-I put the hardware in Gamle Elbygget Kjeller skap 771, -17:00, 8. Aug 2019
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