Commit 1abdd276 authored by Torbjørn Viem Ness's avatar Torbjørn Viem Ness

Skrev et skript for å programmere imponatorer automagisk

parent b05c4866
@echo off
IF [%1]==[] goto quit
echo Press Ctrl-C to exit
echo *Writing fuses...*
atprogram -t stk600 -i isp -d atmega168pa -cl 250khz write -fs --values E2DDF8
echo *Programming flash...*
atprogram -t stk600 -i isp -d atmega168pa -cl 1mhz program -fl -f %1 --verify
goto start
echo "Error: file argument missing (ex: imponator_omega.hex)"
\ No newline at end of file
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